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Michael Johnson, P. Eng.

Duty to the Public

Professional engineers have a well-developed sense of duty to the public.  Engineers are required by law to put the safety and welfare of the public first, and this approach is the only way to go in any business endeavor.

While home inspections are not an engineering undertaking, and are not subject to the Engineers Act, it's nice to know that a careful, methodical approach will be taken with your inspection.

Home Inspections

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a great service, in an unbiased, descriptive, professional way, that gives the buyer the knowledge required to make an informed buying decision.

The goal is to provide a clear view of the systems in the house, and how well they are performing.  Systems include roofing, structures, electrical, plumbing, heating, interiors/insulation, exteriors, central air conditioning. We don't do code inspections; we are really doing performance inspections, a detailed visual inspection of how well the house is performing.


We grew up, and still live here in the Ottawa valley! Kingfisher Home Inspections  is not a large corporate entity, and we bring a personal approach that we hope you will enjoy; knowledgeable, courteous, and professional.


You are counting on your home inspector to be knowledgeable, and to find the issues that are expensive or difficult to remediate. We are committed to finding the issues from the smallest visual clue. Our experience in forensic engineering is a great asset!  See the bio page for more details