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Septic Inspections  (Tank & Bed Test Holes, when you really have to know) 

We offer very thorough septic inspections as a licensed installer/inspector, (BCIN 100758).  Our Septic Inspections  include locating the tank, uncovering and inspecting the tank from the access hatches, photographing the tank interior, and test holes dug in the weeping tile field, once the field has been located.

We excavate the old fashioned way, by shovel, digging a minimum of two test holes in the weeping tile bed.  Materials are returned to the holes, in same order they came out, in order to leave the site looking neat, clean, and as undisturbed as possible when we are finished.

Specialized tools we use include stainless steel probes, and radio-location devices on our sewer camera system.

Vacant homes are not eligible during December to April, inclusive. Rates for winter septic inspections are higher.  Septic inspection reports are delivered directly via email as an attached PDF.

We do not do "Flow Tests" on weeping beds, as they can give a false-positive result, if the property is vacant, or seasonally occupied.

Call for pricing on our bundled inspections, such as Home + Septic, or Home + Septic + WETT inspections.