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Home Inspection in Ontario is still largely unregulated.  Licensing legislation was introduced in parliament in February, but has yet to come into law.  Currently, only British Columbia and Alberta license home inspectors in Canada.  As a result, consumers in Ontario have little guidance to know whether their chosen home inspector is qualified, competent and behaving ethically.  Do they even carry insurance? Bit of a wild west situation. (Wild East situation, since the west is leading the industry in licensing!)

Thankfully, regulation and licensing is coming.  The provincial government has received a multidisciplinary task force report outlining the current issues, and a path forward towards licensing in Ontario. This report can be found here. Legislation to license home inspectors in Ontario is currently in committee stage following 2nd reading, and can be found here;

As well, CSA, the Canadian Standards Association, has published (March 2016) a Canadian Home Inspection Standard.  My national organization, PHPIC, the Professional Home and Property Inspectors of Canada is actively involved in both these initiatives.

What can you do in the meantime, to ensure your inspector is competent and ethical?

  1. Hire a home inspection company with a money-back written service guarantee.  An organization that stands behind the value delivered, both at the time of the inspection, and down the road.
  2. Make sure your home inspector carries business liability insurance, and errors & omissions insurance.  The high cost of this insurance drives  a strong focus on quality, and comprehensive, unbiased work. As well, it provides the consumer with options if an inspection is done poorly.
  3. Hire a home inspector who inspects full time and does nothing else. No contracting on the side, no business relationships with realtors or contractors.  This avoids many opportunities for conflicts of interest, or apparent conflicts that can hurt the client.
  4. ​Hire an inspector who is affiliated with provincial or national home inspection organizations, which are working to drive professionalism in the industry. Buyers deserve an unbiased view of the home, and how its systems are performing.
  5. Hire an inspector who is friendly, knowledgable, and conscientious!